08 July 2013

Gourmet dining at LAC

On Friday I took my iPad into the new vending machine area at Library and Archives Canada curious to see up close the fare on offer. Closest to the door is the hot drink machine. There's a choice of two sizes for $1.50 and  $1.75 for coffee or hot chocolate.
Beside it a machine with the various Coca Cola brands.

Potato chips, other munchies and candy bars are next to a variety of sandwiches and miscellaneous solid foods.

The last vending machine with bottled water and other drinks is next to a microwave oven. Looks like you can bring your own food to reheat.


BDM said...

Thank you for the update. A menu choice definitely worthy of attention from city gastronomic critics.

Anonymous said...

How shameful.

Ten years after its recognition as a national historic building by the federal government in 2004, the downward spiral at "LAC on the Wellington" continues.

Details on its historic significance can be found on the national register of historic places --

Perhaps the present Government has plans for this Centennial 1967 building that include more offices for officials rather than the public it was built to serve.