Thursday, 8 June 2017

20,009,426 Pages in #BNArchive

That's it! The British Newspaper Archive has passed the halfway mark in the project to digitized 40 million newspaper pages.
Here's the breakdown of pages by region.

Borders, Scotland8,010
Central, Scotland15,876
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland3,122
East Midlands, England169,879
East, England124,692
Fife, Scotland14,838
Grampian, Scotland63,673
Guernsey, Guernsey4,263
Highland, Scotland11,939
Isle of Man, Isle of Man1,727
Jersey, Jersey3,412
London, England414,861
Lothian, Scotland78,837
Mid Wales, Wales2,903
North East, England133,560
North Wales, Wales13,339
North West, England166,865
Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland170,292
Orkney, Scotland603
Republic of Ireland, Republic of Ireland285,111
Shetland, Scotland1,887
South East, England188,045
South Wales, Wales38,238
South West, England279,605
Strathclyde, Scotland66,542
Tayside, Scotland87,736
West Midlands, England117,894
West Wales, Wales486
Yorkshire and the Humber, England246,381

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