12 June 2017

Sussex Bibliography

Do you have Sussex ancestry? Although the county only accounted for 1.9 percent of England's population in 1801 many of my genealogy friends have Sussex roots.

The Sussex Record Society commissions and publishes research by individuals who are experts in their field.  Over the last 100 years the Society has published over 90 volumes of detailed historical research into the county from 1066 to World War I. This research has also led to the creation of databases, records, images and texts covering many aspects of historical Sussex which are presented as Online Records. Many look to be of interest to the family historian.

There is a new bibliography available that "catalogues and indexes publications about Sussex from over 6,500 authors who have written over 9,000 books, pamphlets and digital media and over 13,500 articles in listed journals or available online". Use it to dig deeper into the county's history. Find the bibliography, the work of Peter MacLeod and a small team, at http://www.sussexrecordsociety.org/dbs/biblio/ .

Thanks to Christine Jackson for the tip.

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