29 June 2017

RootsMagic gets long promised update with Ancestry hints

If you use the stand-alone genealogy software RootsMagic, perhaps having moved to it when Ancestry announced they were discontinuing Family Tree Maker, you'll be pleased to learn that the promised hints from your Ancestry account are finally implemented. A free upgrade to RootsMagic 7 is required.

You can learned about the new capabilities at FAQ: WebHints & TreeShare for Ancestry and on a video linked from the RM program.

If you want to take advantage of the Ancestry hints you are REQUIRED to have a tree at Ancestry linked to the RM tree. If uploading a RM tree to Ancestry by default it will be private, but some will be concerned that having the information outside their computer increases privacy vulnerability.

In my view it's a risk worth taking given the benefit of the web hints. I recommend going further  and making a basic version of your tree, less any sensitive information, public.

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