Monday, 12 June 2017

LivingDNA activates data download

One of the questions on my list for LivingDNA at OGS Conference 2017 was when raw data downloads would be made available. Now I don't have to ask, the facility is available, after a fashion.

Clicking "Download Raw Data" brings up a page headed:

Please be aware that this is our first version of raw results available for download. The contents of download file is subject to change as further validation of Living DNA Orion chip takes place.

The text that follows ends with a consent statement that you have to agree to. It immediately follows the warning
By choosing to download your data you agree to indemnify (which broadly means to reimburse) Living DNA and its related companies and their directors and employees for any losses, damages or costs they incur as a result of any claims being made against them which relate to you downloading your data and the use by you of your data, or as a result of you having shared your data with any third party.

Now that the download capability is in place what can you do with the data? Look at it, obviously. Bu  gedmatch, MyHeritage,  Family Tree DNA and Promethease (for health) don't accept uploads from the Living DNA test.


Through The Trees Blog said...

LivingDNA announced at this year's Genealogy Jamboree this past weekend that GEDMatch now accepts LivingDNA raw data files. GEDMatch's Genesis project appears to be the appropriate portal for LivingDNA uploads.

SNPedia/Promethease said...

Actually, Promethease does accept LivingDNA raw data files just fine.