15 June 2017

Bargains: Archive CD Books Canada changes tack

A change in business strategy by Archive CD Books Canada is an opportunity for those visiting the marketplace at #OGSConf2017.

With CD and DVD drives going the way of the floppy disc on new computers the writing was on the wall. NO more CDs.

This is a clearance of current non-Canadian CD stock so Malcolm and Chris Moody may not have everything in their a huge catalogue on the company's website at https://archivecdbooks.ca/ available at the OGS conference.

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Unknown said...

Thank you John, for helping us to pass the good news along. :)
As you say, we are making this sale a SPECIAL for those attending the OGS show. Once we see how much of our "stock" we have left we may be able to extend the sale online.
We will try and keep the list on our site at:
up to date, but being at the show may limit our abilities in that direction.
The "CD's for sale" page is not linked within our regular web site so please ask your followers to copy and paste the link directly into their browsers.
Thanks again for the "boost" and we look forward to seeing everybody who comes to what is shaping up to be the biggest and best OGS show ever!!