Thursday, 29 June 2017

Glengarry County Archives

"Too much geography and not enough history" is the perennially cited quote from Prime Minister Mackenzie King about Canada.
In the case of Ontario's Glengarry County it's almost the reverse. No mountaineer would dream of scaling the heights north of the St Lawrence River, from Cornwall to the Quebec border and north to the 417. History is there aplenty, especially for those with a name starting with M(a)c.
Charlottenburgh and Lancaster were two of the eight Royal Villages established along the St Lawrence River in the 1780s settled by United Empire Loyalists.
On this date in 1786 The McDonald, a converted troop ship, set sail from Knoydart on the west coast of Scotland with 520 passengers, including 240 under age 13. Most settled in what is now Glengarry and descendants helped build the county, province and Canada.
The Glengarry County Archives is the place for local history and genealogy. Check it out at

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