Monday, 5 June 2017

DNA Fast Trax Sessions at #OGSConf2017

I didn't know. There are many more Fast Trax, 15 to 20 minute mini information sessions than I'd thought. Maybe more have been added, the program is subject to change without notice.  They're a no extra cost benefit offered by exhibitors in Marketplace of the OGS Conference 2017.

You can view the full schedule here, here are those with DNA content:

Saturday 8:30 to 8:50   Lesley Anderson, Ancestry: “Ancestry DNA”
With AncestryDNA you can add a whole new dimension to your family history experience. Uncover your ethnic mix, connect with distant relatives and find new, unique details. Come by and learn more!

Saturday 11:35 to 11:55   Peggy Homans Chapman, Guild of One-Name Studies: “DNA and One-Name Studies: A Perfect Match”
Peggy will provide an overview of how many one-name/surname studies use DNA as a core part of their family history research. The Guild can arrange the setup of a DNA project on Family Tree DNA and provide advice and guidance on its progress. Currently, both Y-DNA and autosomal DNA tests are supported by the Guild.

Saturday 12:00 to 12:30   David Nicholson, LivingDNA: “High Definition Ancestry DNA Testing by Living DNA”
Go behind the scenes with Living DNA and discover the journey your sample goes on, including the ultra-high definition methods that allow us to not only pinpoint your ancestry into 21 regions of the UK, but also lets you explore your ancestry at different points in history. Discover how each wave of migration has affected your ancestors and understand how this is proving incredibly useful for family history research. During the talk we will also address the important issue of privacy and security of your genetic information.

Sunday 12:00 to 12:30   David Nicholson, LivingDNA: “High Definition Ancestry DNA Testing by Living DNA”

Sunday 12:30 to 1:00   Daniel Horowitz, Genealogy Expert, MyHeritage: “DNA Matching: A New Frontier in Genealogy”
MyHeritage’s affordable, easy-to-use DNA home testing kit can reveal valuable information about your family history and tell you more about your geographical origins. MyHeritage DNA provides two main features: 1) a DNA Matching service allows you to enjoy MyHeritage’s exceptional matching capabilities; 2) a detailed ethnicity estimate that shows you what percentage of your DNA comes from various regions around the world.

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Mike More said...

John, the Marketplace is open to the public at no cost, so anybody can attend the Fast Trax sessions. There is limited seating in the room, though. The best time to visit Marketplace if you are NOT registered for the Conference is probably Saturday but avoid lunch time when the registrants will be loose.