19 June 2017

LivingDNA now has admixture confidence levels

Until today LivingDNA have provided admixture results for a standard level of confidence from global, regional and sub-regional geographic divisions. Now added are complete and cautious confidence levels. Here, to illustrate the changes you might expect to see between confidence levels, is a quick look at my results focusing on Europe.
Global level
At all confidence levels I have  European 98.5% and  unassigned 1.4%. At the complete level the  1.4% is specified as South Asia.
Regional level 
My cautious and standard confidence level European results are divided into Great Britain and Ireland 84.2%, Northwestern Europe-related ancestry 8.7%, and Europe (unassigned) 5.6%.
My complete level result retains Great Britain and Ireland 84.2%, with Europe (North and West) as 8.7%, add Europe (South) 4.3%, Europe (East) 1.4%.
Sub-regional level
My cautious confidence level results for Great Britain aggregate sub-regions to South Wales Border-related ancestry 42.9%, Lincolnshire-related ancestry 13.9%, Ireland-related ancestry 12.9% and Devon-related ancestry  7.6% and Great Britain and Ireland (unassigned) 6.8%.
The standard and (complete) confidence level results for Great Britain are almost identical:
South Wales Border 20.8% (20.8%)
Northwest England 10.6% (10.6%)
South Central England 9.9% (9.9%)
South Yorkshire 7.9% (7.9%)
Ireland 7.4% (7.4%)
Northwest Scotland 5.5% (5.5%)
Devon 5.3% (5.3%)
Southeast England 0% (4%)
Lincolnshire 3.3% (3.3%)
Central England 2.6% (2.6%)
Cornwall 2.3% (2.3%)
South Wales 1.6% (1.6%)

Note that LivingDNA recently added the ability to download your complete data which you can upload to Gedmatch.

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