Monday, 5 June 2017

Archives Canada

In the new round of the Documentary Heritage Communities Program there is an award of $43,023 in each of two years to the Canadian Council of Archives for its ARCHIVESCANADA Digital Preservation Service (ACDPS). That follows an award of $99,776 last year.

According to the Canadian Council of Archives website Archives Canada is directed at teachers, researchers, genealogists and the general public. It provides "a wealth of information to our collective memory. Search more than 50,000 descriptions of archival records from the holdings of all provinces and territories, or discover our Canadian heritage through Virtual Exhibits - online stories told with the use of original archival material."

Through you can:

  • Search archival holdings across Canada.
  • Access Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks.
  • View digitized photographs, maps and other documents about Canada's history.
  • Browse digital projects produced through the Archival Community Digitization Program.
  • Find contact information for repositories where these resources are held.

While I was aware of it's not been top of mind for me and was not bookmarked. - it is now. Searching a couple of topics I've been researching lately I found material not online that was new to me. Knowing that, I'm now in a position to evaluate the cost and benefit of access.

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