Wednesday, 28 June 2017

New Book: Glenalladale Settles, 1772

Toward the end of OGS Conference 2017 I was approached by Denise Harper and asked to post about this book published in 2016 by the Prince Edward Island Scottish Settlers Society.
Having no PEI ancestry, I've only been there once, it's not a settlement that came to mind despite Scottish settlement on the island being covered in some detail in a book in my collection, Lucille Campey's An Unstoppable Force.

In Glenalledale Settlers 1772 the first five chapters
Life in Gaelic Scotland
The Emigration Leader
On the Sea
Arrival in St John's Island
comprise a section of Background ending at page 36. These were Scottish Catholic's displaced from their homes in the Western Highlands and Islands.

Except for a three page bibliography the remainder of the book, to page 219, comprises biographical sketches of The Passengers. Their names are Beaton (1), Cameron (4), Campbell (2), Cummins (3), Curry (3), Fisher (1), Fitzgerald (1), Gillis (3), Henderson (4), MacCormack (3), MacCraw (1), MacDonald (75), MacDonnell (3), MacDougald (3), MacEachern (8), MacGillivray (3), MacInnis (7), MacIntosh (3), MacIntyre (9), MacIsaac (1), MacKay (2), MacKenzie (6), MacKinnon (12), MacLellan (1), MacLeod (4), MacMillan (3), MacNab (3), MacNeill (6), MacPhee (4). Don't get aggravated if  there are no Mcs and regarding the capitalization of names - they likely didn't.

There's a tribute to the MacDonalds in a poem on page 66, "If Ye Ain't a MacDonald."

This is an admirable tribute to the founders of this branch of the Scots diaspora in PEI.

Find out more, and how to order a copy here.

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