04 June 2017

Audrey Collins on using Exact Search

New on YouTube, a short interview in which Audrey Collins, Family History Specialist at The National Archives discusses the changes in family history research over the years and how the advancements in technology can help you dive deeper into the stories. She illustrates with a story from her family history.
The interviewer, Crista Cowan from Ancestry, gets to ask only one question - a bit like George Burns asking Gracie Allen about what she did today - and Audrey speaks for the next five minutes.

Those of us in Ottawa will have the opportunity to hear Crista, styled as the Barefoot Genealogist, on Monday 19 June in Ottawa at Using Ancestry Day. Find out about registration at https://conference2017.ogs.ca/program/monday-ancestry-day/


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this, John. I've never been a fan of "exact" searches but now I'll give it more respect. Looking forward to Using Ancestry Day in two weeks!

Celia Lewis said...

Yes, I've often done exact searches if I'm frustrated with trying to find an ancestor who 'should' be in [any/some] document because of the years lived. Occasionally I do find a surprise! On a new-to-me database, I'll use exact searches first, then go to a less exact search if nothing at all shows up. Thanks for sharing this great little video. Audrey Collins has such a sense of humour!