Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wall of Ancestors at #OGSConf2017

According to the organizers "The Wall of Ancestors provides an opportunity for registrants to display some of the families that they are researching in the hope of making contact with others looking for the same family."
There are 391 entries, perhaps a few more by the time you read this, on the virtual Wall of Ancestors for OGS Conference 2017.
Contributed by 71 people, there are 312 unique surnames. In fact there are not.  Some entered variants. A couple have the given name entered were the last name should be, and some folks entered more than the last name.  Examples are Clemence (adopted name?), Dutrisac or Hubert-Dutrisac, Gaynor,married Joseph Burgoyne, and Hoddevik / Wicks / Wick.
The Wall of Names has been a feature of all OGS conferences I've attended. I'm wondering if anyone did ever make a real contact at the conference through it, as opposed to a coincidence of surname.  Is the effort worthwhile?
You can check the Wall of Ancestors at https://conference2017.ogs.ca/specialevents/wall/

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Alan Campbell said...

I did get a research contact from a posting on the Wall of Ancestors a couple of years ago. I take every chance I get to get my dead ends out where others can see them.