Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Summer Solstice

The City of Ottawa Archives holds three scrapbooks with ads from R J Devlin, an Ottawa clothing retailer. They were recently transferred to the archives from the Ottawa Historical Society (OHS).

Today at 12:24 AM EDT the sun attained its most northerly point, the Tropic of Cancer.

The solstice was the topic of one of many humorous advertisements in volume one of Devlin's scrapbooks which are weather related. I've been looking at them as part of preparation for my talk on Ottawa weather history to the OHS in October.

The reference to the Scott Act is explained at


Pm Gish said...

What yer is this? Thanks.

Judy Lynn in Ontario said...

This is the best explanation I have yet seen for one of the mysteries of the universe: Temperance is at the bottom of it. I might have known. Gravenhurst Archivist