Friday, 16 June 2017

#OGSConf2017 LAC Tour

Patricia Greber and Lynn Palermo, participants in the tour of Library and Archives Canada on Thursday, pose for the iconic photo on the Secret Bench of Knowledge at the entrance to Library and Archives Canada..

I heard nothing but good things about the tours conducted by Sara Chatfield and Nichole Watier and the advice provided by genealogy consultation staff. At one time I counted 25 of the 45 people on the tour in the Genealogy Room. The only complaint was about the abundance of material, One person commented they would return for the BIFHSGO conference and to delve further into the LAC resources of interest.

News uf interest from LAC is that a project to crowdsource transcription of Lady Macdonald's diaries will open within then next month.

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Anonymous said...

The diary has been scanned and the project was posted on the LAC website over a month ago. I sent LAC a copy of the transcription of the diary which I had prepared for a biographer of Macdonald several years ago. The person in charge of the project responded that my transcription would be used in correcting the crowdsourced transcription. Perhaps this was in hopes of a wide response to the invitation to transcribe the diary. Unfortunately, so far only one page of the diary has been completed. This may due to the fact that the link to the diary project on LAC’s home page is labelled “transcription completed” although only the scanning has been completed.
Elizabeth Vincent