23 June 2017

Paper of Record and JSTOR at LAC

For months, perhaps years, I've been pointing out to the folks in the Genealogy Room at 395 Wellington that the link on their computers to Paper of Record has not worked. For almost as long I've been told it would be fixed.
This week I received an email from Julie Roy, Manager of Reference Services, who finally made it happen. I went to the building to check it out - joy of joys - success. Thank you Julie.
Julie also mentioned that links to three other databases: JSTOR, LLMC and MUSE have also been fixed.
hile on the 3rd floorI tried JSTOR which Marian Press mentioned at the end of her presentation at #OGSConf2017. US-based JSTOR is an online database of more than 2,000 full text searchable scholarly journals and some books providing an opportunity to put ancestors in historical and local context. Some of the older journals do provide lists of names.
If you missed Marian's presentation there's a  free webinar on How to Use JSTOR at
http://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=449 which ends with an explanation of the various ways you can gain access including the limited free individual subscription at


Anonymous said...

Is there a listing of which papers are included?
(p.s. your link is to "paperofrecordS" should be no "s", I believe?)

JDR said...

Thanks for the correction on the Paper of Record link. Now fixed.
Find a list of the papers included at https://paperofrecord.hypernet.ca/papers.asp