14 March 2020

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections 14th Anniversary: Black Sheep

Today, 14 March 2020, is the 14th anniversary of the start of this blog.

On day one, the first post was on Library Elf which is still going strong.

The other that day, Black Sheep was on ancestors who might have held a political office. I wondered if, after 14 years, the links still work.

For the US, House Document No. 108-222, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 - 2005 is no longer available for download at the address given then, www.gpoaccess.gov/serialset/cdocuments/hd108-222/index.html, but is still accessible through the amazing Internet Archive.

The link for basic information on members of Canada's Parliament, both houses, since 1867 is no longer active. It appears to have been migrated to the Parliamentarians link at https://lop.parl.ca/sites/ParlInfo/default/en_CA/.

Fourteen years ago information on early members of the British Parliament was in a costly series of publications entitled "The History of Parliament." Now the information from 1386 to 1832 is online at www.historyofparliamentonline.org/research/members. For current MPs and Lords information is at https://members.parliament.uk/. I was unable to find a consolidated source for British ex-MPs after 1832. You could try a search -- many are in Wikipedia and would be in Who's Who or Who Was Who.


Diana Thomson said...

Congratulations, John - and thank you for your very informative blogs over the years!

Gail Dever said...

Congratulations, John! I look forward to reading your blog posts every day.

Bill Clayton said...

Thank you John for 14 years of bringing the genealogy community timely information. Very much appreciated.

Linda Stufflebean said...

Congratulations, John. I enjoy reading all the Canadian genealogy news every day.