06 March 2020

Gene-O-Rama is coming

The keynote speaker for Gene-O-Rama, 3-4 April, is Thomas MacEntee.

He will give the Pat Horan Memorial Lecture "Privacy, DNA, and Genealogy: Handling the Double-Edged Sword" on Friday evening. On Saturday his presentations are:

How Do I Know What I Don’t Know—Fast Tracking Your Genealogy Education
What’s Been Done: Using Someone Else’s Genealogy Research
You Use WHAT for Genealogy? Wonderful Uses for Unusual Tools
Thomas MacEntee.

Thomas is a popular speaker, I'm grateful my presentation with Glenn Wright is scheduled with no conflict so I won't miss any of his.

An off the cuff remark by Gilad Japhet at RootsTech led me to experiment with a photo of Thomas taken there. He commented that the new colourizing facility at MyHeritage might not recreate unusual colours and that could be tested by converting a colour photo to monochrome and then colourizing it.

Find the original more colourful image here.

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