31 March 2020

British Newspaper Archives additions for March

The British Newspaper Archive now has a total of 36,633,282 pages online (36,198,942 last month).

 34 papers (32 last month) had pages added in the past month. There were 11 (17) new titles. Dates ranged from 1779 to 1986.

The 11 newspapers with more than 10,000 pages added during the month are:

Aberdeen Press and Journal1972-1974
Batley News1883-1907
Batley Reporter and Guardian1869-1897, 1899-1907
Carlow Sentinel1832-1920
Crewe Chronicle1874-1887, 1889-1972
Home News for India, China and the Colonies1847-1865
Merthyr Express1871-1897, 1899-1910, 1912-1945
North Wilts Herald1867-1895, 1897-1941
Nuneaton Observer1877-1896, 1898-1912
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo1958-1967, 1969-1972
Truth1885, 1894-1897, 1900-1902, 1906-1907, 1910

The last newspaper in the table, Truth, is interesting for its colourful history.

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