01 April 2020

Internet Genealogy: April/May 2020

Bold font titles are articles in which I found information new and useful for me. Your interests will likely differ.

DON’T GUESS:  Start With The FamilySearch Research Wiki
Gena Philibert-Ortega looks at one of the best websites for all-around genealogy research.

Track Genealogy Books with Goodreads
Julie Cahill Tarr shows us how she uses Goodreads to manage her genealogy books. Worth a look.

LibGuides: Improving Access to  Information
Diane L. Richard highlights the benefits of  Library Guides to genealogy researchers.

Making Sense of the U.S. Federal Censuses:  1790–1840
Sue Lisk looks at websites highlighting various aspects of U.S. Censuses and tips to assist in your genealogy research.

Researching Germans from Russia?
Marlene Michel highlights the resources and benefits of membership in the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.

Endangered Archives Programme
Diane L. Richard investigates an effort by the British Library to preserve archive collections worldwide. Interesting.

Chautauqua Days
Sue Lisk looks at how Chautauquas played an important role in American history and touched many of our ancestors’ lives. Interesting.

A Collection of Capitol Caches
David A. Norris investigates genealogical records from the U.S. Congress and Senate

Genealogy Basics: GEDCOM
Tony Bandy looks at the GEDCOM file format, why it’s important and its future in genealogy

Israel’s Cemeteries are ALL Online! 
Diane L. Richard looks at the efforts of  MyHeritage and BillionGraves to digitize  Israel’s cemeteries

Hold the Phone... Book!
Tony Bandy looks at digitized Library of  Congress Phone Directories and your family research!

Internet Genealogy looks at some newspaper resources from around the world

Back Page
Dave Obee offers some suggestions to make conferences more appealing to attendees. "The central idea of a conference should be to give attendees an experience they cannot get elsewhere."

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Norm Prince said...

Interesting cover photo on the magazine as nearly all the books on the shelves face with the title edge inward. Thus one must remove each book to find the one desired.