09 April 2020

Deceased Online adds Salford's Historic Weaste Cemetery

Weaste Cemetery (video), in Salford, Greater Manchester, is now available to view on www.deceasedonline.com with 332,837 records from 1857 to 2002.
Weaste Cemetery is one of the very first municipal Victorian cemeteries. Salford Corporation opened the cemetery in 1857 as it became clear that the parish churchyards were struggling for space to bury people. Like most Victorian municipal cemeteries, Weaste Cemetery was designed as an area of leisure and recreation for Victorian city folk to escape their urban surroundings and originally boasted landscaped gardens, four chapels, and a glazed summer house. Salford City Council have designed a heritage trail around this incredible cemetery and placed information panels near to noteworthy graves.
The records comprise digital scans of all burial registers, cemetery maps showing the section in which known graves are located, and grave details for each of the known graves and their occupants. Unfortunately, we are unable to display a location or list other grave occupants for approximately half of the Weaste records. Grave locations were not often recorded in the historic registers from Weaste Cemetery and, coupled with a hit from a German bomb in 1940, the locations of a great many graves remain a mystery.
The cemetery contains the graves of 374 Commonwealth service personnel who died during the First and Second World Wars, plus numerous memorials to servicemen buried abroad. The sole Canadian is Lance Corporal Lewis Preston, born in Leeds, Yorkshire, who died 11 September 1917 from a gunshot wound. He had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for conspicuous gallantry.

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