23 April 2020

YouTube: Canadian Archival Newspaper Subscription Sites

Here's a short, 11-minute video covering four Canadian newspaper subscription websites you may find useful in exploring your Canadian family history. By way of illustration, it ends with an exploration of what can be found on four local Ottawa genealogists. I expect to post a second video on free sites shortly.


Kenneth R Marks said...


Will be sharing this video for all my followers on FB and Twitter. Good stuff! Look forward to seeing the one that you do for free sites.

John McConkey said...

Good information, John. I was one of those Ancestry volunteers on the Ottawa Journal project!

jon said...

Great Timing John. Google's Challenge this week http://searchresearch1.blogspot.com/
Is sussing out 1918 and 1919 newspapers to see if any helpful stuff can be found that might prove useful today.

We shall see; especially now that your vid has posted.


jon on the very west coast of Canada