27 April 2020

My Neanderthal DNA

23andMe's updated information revised my Neanderthal DNA down to less than 2%.

The analysis for Neanderthal traits shows I have two variants associated with being less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate. I doubt that was a great handicap to my distant ancestor or ancestors!

I also have one variant associated with having a worse sense of direction, one inherited from both my parents. Isn't GPS great!


Anonymous said...

Sorry John. But you are a typical guy. You will NEVER stop to ask for directions. Cheers anyways, hee hee, BT

Celia Lewis said...

Yeah, well, I'm a woman and have always known I had NO sense of direction at all. Half the time at work, I'd come out of the women's washroom and turn the wrong way to get back to my office, even after 14 years there... Sigh. One of my 4 kids has the same issue. I wore out a lot of maps! :)

Bryan Douglas Cook said...

I could have sworn you had more Neandertal than that....my how looks can deceive!