06 April 2020

Ancestry Extra Webinar: Researching Your Irish Ancestors

I heard Joe Buggy as part of an expert panel at RootsTech London. He's with Ancestry in Dublin and does he ever know his stuff!

On Tuesday at 10 am on the AncestryCA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AncestryCA/  Joe is presenting Researching Your Irish Ancestry.  Joe and team will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Also, Ancestry's content collections expert, Sophie Hirt, will share her insights into some of the new Irish and UK collections that launched last month.

This is part of the new Ancestry Extra series planned to take place every Tuesday and Thursday. You may need to subscribe to the free Ancestry Facebook AncestryCA channel.

If you can't attend at the time, it is a bit early for the Pacific Time Zone, a link to review the presentation later should become available.

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Lynn Marie Cunningham Flynn said...

Hi John, This was an excellent webinar! The presenter featured some less obvious collections in the Ancestry Card Catalogue. I look forward to doing some more rainy day research. Warm regards!