14 April 2020

Daniel McLachlin’s Legacy: Exploring the Lumber Era of the Ottawa Valley

The Arnprior and McNab/Braeside Archives has new content that documents the lumbering era of the local area and the Ottawa Valley.

This is the result of a project, "Daniel McLachlin's Legacy: Exploring the Lumber Era of the Ottawa Valley" made possible by the Documentary Heritage Communities Program offered by Library and Archives Canada.

The project allowed the digitization of:

25 McLachlin Bros. ledgers (11,606 pages)
42 maps (zoomable to high detail).
547 letters of correspondence (1,204 pages)
35 photographs
1 previously unpublished manuscript by Charles Macnamara (144 pages)

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives President Irene Robillard comments that "the manuscript on life in a lumber camp by Charles Macnamara, although the old letters from the 1830s onward are fascinating.  As well there are a number of ledgers that might be of interest to family historians. Unfortunately, they are all handwritten so aren’t machine searchable.  A volunteer did add names in a few of the record descriptions so that the names can be found from a search but there is much more that could be done – if we found some time."

Check them out at https://search.adarchives.org/en/permalink/archivaldescr5952 and https://search.adarchives.org/en/permalink/archivaldescr5961

As well, there are indexes to some of the ledgers, such as Account Ledger No. 3 and Petty Cash.  These indexes have lots of names and then one can go to the actual ledger and page, as those books were digitized too.  Here is a link https://search.adarchives.org/en/permalink/archivaldescr5967

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Anonymous said...

Thanks JOhn. I have located records of three of my family in the ledgers and will follow it up at a later date. Cheers,