06 April 2020

O/T: How risky?

Prime Minister Trudeau, who has been out front in responding to, but not answering questions posed to him in daily media sessions, spent two weeks at Rideau Cottage with his wife who had tested positive for COVID-19.

We were told her case was mild and after 14 days she moved to Harrington Lake, something the Quebec regulations closing the border means she would not be able to do now — if the rule was followed.

Apparently, he spent those two weeks in the same house without getting infected. Trudeau continues to isolate until the end of another 14 days. That's very prudent.

How risky would it be to allow two people who had been observing the recommended physical distancing for two weeks without any symptoms developing to get together for a couple of hours at one of their houses for a meal to relieve the boredom?


Anonymous said...

I hope to get together with a university classmate for a brown bag lunch on my back lawn in a month's time, weather permitting, we can sit two metres apart. We both have a birthday in early May, and otherwise can't really celebrate. I live alone in a house, she lives alone in a condo.
Could your two friends sit two metres apart in the house of one of them, with all door knobs and everything the visitor may touch wiped clean with the appropriate solution before and during the visit?
The Scottish health minister has just resigned because she did not follow her own guidelines or rules. We all need to be very careful.

Anonymous said...

If neither of them have gone anywhere else since, it might be OK. As soon as one of them goes for groceries or meds or liquor, the possibility of new contamination occurs. That's why we are told to stay home! If we go out and get infected, at least we only bring it back to our own homes.

Barbara said...

Unfortunately, if one or two people think that they can be an exception to the rules then we soon have everyone thinking the same. I know it's tough but is seeing a friend worth risking anyone's life? If you must see each other, meet somewhere outside where you can maintain 2 metres distance and bring your own food and drink if you want to eat "together." As the weather improves, this will be easier to do - which is probably what has the health officers and politicians so concerned. Hang tough. Be brave. Connect electronically - have dinner together that way.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough situation for everyone. Unfortunately the rules should apply to everyone, I ask my family what makes you special that should allow you to break the rules. Some may feel very isolated, if you can reach out electronically but please to not get together. We need to pull together as a community to shorten this isolation. Be a good example, walk the walk and stay safe. No judgement only support to do the right by everyone. Look to the stories of the frontline works and give your support.
Stay well.