16 April 2020

Family Tree Virtually Live starts on Friday

In lieu of its live event at Alexander Palace, the Family Tree virtually Live event will be held on 17 and 18 April on their website.

Some of the presentations, free to viewfor a limited time are, premiering on Friday:

Weddings Work and Welfare with Dr Gill Draper (Running time: Open up fresh ways to research your forebear’s lives and work using church and kirk records, from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

Planning Your Irish Research Trip (Running time: 46:53)
David Ryan explains how to get around and which repositories to visit when planning an Irish research trip.

Turning Your Family History into a Book (Running time: 11:05)
Get tips on turning your ancestors’ lives into a compelling narrative with Ruth Badley. Learn how to write a family history for future generations to treasure.

On Saturday look for:

A Statistical Tool for Genealogy with Vincenzo Alfano (Running time: 21:54)
Are humanities condemned to not benefit from statistical modelling? Discover a ready-to-use tool to improve your genealogy research, with economist and family historian Vincenzo Alfano.

Researching Your Northamptonshire Ancestors with Angela Malin (Running time: 17:41)
Get specialist local advice to help you trace ancestors from the Northamptonshire region. Includes advice suitable for all family historians, wherever your ancestors may have lived.

Dr Gill Draper - Living the Poor Life (Running time: 36:32)
Learn how to use workhouse records to research lives under the New Poor Law's dreaded Union Workhouse, glancing back at researching earlier periods.

Other presentations are TBA - maybe one or more from Calgary's Wayne Shepheard who was originally scheduled to speak at Ally Pally. The videos will be freely available to watch until 24 April, after which they will only be available to Family Tree magazine subscribers.

Check out the full information at https://www.family-tree.co.uk/how-to-guides/family-tree-live-virtual-conference

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Helen Tovey said...

Hi John Many thanks for the mention about our virtual event. It's starting in the coming hour and everyone interested in family history is very welcome to come along to www.family-tree.co.uk and enjoy our collection of Family Tree Virtually Live online video tutorials FREE to access for the coming week. Take care all. Helen