05 April 2020

Is Genealogy Sciency Enough?

Below is the table of contents of the April-June 2020 issue of the Journal of One-Name Studies.

The article that appeals most to me is Is Genealogy Sciency Enough?

The motivation for that article by Peter Haynes was to estimate the likelihood that there was a relationship between two people of the same last name born 8.6 miles and 65 years apart.

His approach was based on an article "Quantitative analysis of population-scale family trees using millions of relatives." There's a pdf preprint here; I covered it in a blog post Longevity and Migration in February 2017.
Haynes' article reviews the findings and concludes that "there is a connection between the two Haynes' in my problem", but does not quantify his confidence in the conclusion.

6 The Satchwell One-Name Study - The Story So Far by Michael Satchwell
8 Is Genealogy Sciency Enough? by Peter Haynes
11 The Main Plant Family and the name’s most populous homeland by Dr John S Plant and Prof Richard E Plant
14 The Story of the Shaw Family by John S Sermon
16 A Geordie Mystery - Who was Samuel Horseman? by Sue Horsman
18 The Families They Left Behind - Mayflower 400 Commemorations - Can you help? by Maureen Selley
20 Less Conventional Lives Seminar Report by Liz Craig
22 Fred Willing: Hidden in Plain Sight by June Willing
24 Taking up the Challenge by Melody McKay Burton
10 41st Annual Conference and AGM 2020
17 Teece: a different approach to preserving a study by Stephen Daglish
27 Forthcoming Seminars
4. From the Committee by W. Paul Featherstone
5. Marriage Challenge Update: Marriages in Essex by Peter Copsey MCG
28.   Welcome to GENEVA

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