26 April 2020

Toronto Branch OGS April Meeting Online

For this month's meeting, open to all, go to Zoom where it will be in webinar format on Monday 27 April beginning at 7:30 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time).

"This month, the featured presenter is Lynn Palermo, also known as The Armchair Genealogist. If like so many of us, you are finding it a challenge to keep your family history organized, this talk is for you. Lynn will show us how to control our clutter, keep consistent records and avoid repeating research we’ve already done. Join us for Habits of a Highly Organized Genealogist, and learn how to set up a file system that works for you.

We’ll also enjoy a short presentation by Janice Nickerson, titled Daily Life 100 Years Ago, as told in a mother’s letters to her son. Speakers' notes will be posted on the Members Only pages.

Click here to register in advance for the April webinar. Be sure to sign in a few minutes ahead of time and say hello!"

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