17 April 2020

Family Tree Virtually Live — details

These videos for Friday are now live and will be freely available to watch until 24 April, after which they will only be available to Family Tree magazine subscribers.
Video tutorials, Friday 17 April…
Discover how to trace your family history for free
Learn about key family history websites that don’t cost a penny with the Frugal Family Historian, blogger and professional genealogist Alison Spring.
Hidden in plain sight!
Get in-depth research tips with professional researcher Amelia Bennett, Vice-President of the Society of Genealogists, who shares her wealth of experience in getting so much more from the websites you may already be using…
Learn how to integrate your DNA with your online family tree
Daniel Horowitz, the genealogy expert at MyHeritage, explains DNA basics, plus how to use the DNA tools on the website to transform your research into your genes.
How to write your family history. Starting with YOU!
Former Editor-in-Chief BBC Online, Bryher Scudamore now enlists her decades of journalism experience to help people tell their life story. Here she shares her simple but extremely effective steps to help you write your family history without further delay.
Starting out researching Irish family history
Take the first steps in your Irish research as David Ryan takes us through how best to get started in finding your Irish ancestors. From exploring the geography of the Irish county where your family came from to contacting descendants on the other side of the world, David has lots of tips on how to create a to-do list and what records will be of most use.​
Find your notable Victorian
Professional genealogist Mike Sharpe looks at ways we can research our ancestors’ stories and build up a better picture of their lives using a rich range of sources, and discusses how we can write these stories up to share them with our family too.
Investigate genealogy and the Little Ice Age
Wayne Shepheard looks at the impact of Mother Nature on our ancestors’ lives from about 1300 to 1850, an era of temperature drop and persistent cold weather that lasted for five centuries and caused great hardship for our forebears.
Weddings, work and welfare
Learn about parish life for family historians with Dr Gill Draper: Open up fresh ways to research your forebear’s lives and work using church, from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
Exploring Second World War records & memorabilia for research
Using the wartime service records of his parents as case studies, Keith Gregson shows us what we can learn about the WW2 service of our ancestors through official documents, medals, photos and memorabilia.
Why is the 1939 Register invaluable?
With Dr Penny Walters: A look at the invaluable information that can be gleaned from the 1939 Register online for England and Wales, and reflect on hidden stories within the records.
The psychology of searching
Thoughts on the psychology of searching with Dr Penny Walters: A look at psychological explanations of kinship, tribalism, duty, responsibilities, nostalgia, homelands, voids, and the need to devise a narrative. Why do we search?
Learn about a FREE statistical tool for genealogy
A statistical tool for genealogy with Vincenzo Alfano. Are humanities condemned to not benefit from statistical modelling? Discover a ready-to-use tool to improve your genealogy research!

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