22 April 2020

WDYTYA Magazine: May 2020

It's taken a while to get around to posting on the May issue of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine.


DNA Ethnicity
Debbie Kennett reveals how to make sense of your DNA test, and how to follow your roots around the world. ".Small percentages under 1 per cent are often nothing more than noise, and percentages under about 20 per cent will not necessarily provide a true reflection of your recent ancestry."

A Swedish Mystery
Emma Jolly explains how she tracked down the lucky British beneficiaries to a Swedish fortune for a TV show

Department Stores
How the 19th century revolutionized British shopping. Now shopping is again being revolutionized with the pandemic further stimulating the move online.

Best Websites
Online clues to your forebears’ life on the home front

Record Masterclass
Follow a relation’s service via Royal Artillery tracer cards

Ancestors At Work
Did your forebears rent out property to tenants?

Tech Tips
Back up your tree online with Family Tree Maker 2019

Focus On
Local genealogist Valerie Schneider shows you how to use free online civil records of Italian births, marriages and deaths back to the 19th century

Reader Story
“Eight generations of my family have served in the Army," says Paul Darran about his remarkable tree

My Family Album
Margaret Fuller from Tutshill introduces her relations, including a great uncle who died at Passchendaele

Eureka Moment
How Donna Tankard tracked down living descendants of her great aunt Lucy thanks to an online family tree

90 Family Hero
Howard Frost knows where his fascination with the natural kingdom comes from - his great grandfather Alfred, who became a renowned entomologist


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All of the latest developments and record releases, including the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

A reminder that WDYTYA magazine is accessible for free through the PressReader online through many Canadian public libraries.

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