11 April 2020

The Local Historian

All issues of the British Association for Local History's quarterly, The Local Historian, are available free to view during the pandemic. Normally only issues older than three years are available free of charge. The publication goes back to 1952 when it was known as The Amateur Historian.

Here's the table of contents from the January 2020 issue.

Review article: books on the local history of women and suffrage Show more
Review article: books on aspects of local history in the West Country Show more
London’s East End A Guide For Family And Local Historians Show more
Government And Society In Thirteenth Century Cumberland: The King Of Scots And The Liberty Of Penrith Show more
The Religious Census Of Cumbria 1851 Cumberland, Westmorland And Furness Show more
The Birmingham Parish Workhouse, 1730-1840 Show more
Church Surveys Of Chichester Archdeaconry 1602, 1610 & 1636 Show more
Stories Of Solidarity Show more
The Singing Milkmaids: Life In Post-restoration Huntingdonshire C.1660-c.1750 Show more
Bovril, Whisky And Gravediggers The Spanish Flu Pandemic Comes To The West Midlands (1918 To 1920) Show more

Clicking Show more brings up a summary. To read the complete article you need to download the whole issue as a pdf.

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Sophronia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed their virtual meeting this morning, but when I went to their website to download the Jan 2020 issue of The Local Historian I find it is only available to members. I believe what they are saying is that they are making available issues less than 3 years old available to everyone, but obviously not the current issue. Try it and see if you get a better result.