23 March 2020

The National Library of Scotland Magazine

The Spring 2020 issue of Discover: the National Library of Scotland's Magazine, no. 43 is now online in a 3-part pdf.

Content includes:

NEWS — Latest initiatives and purchases
SCROLL REVERSAL — Who Taught Her That? marks Women’s History Month
A GOOD HANGING — Bloodthirsty tabloid tales from the age of the executioner
THE GRACE RACE — Rescuing Scottish Ballet’s video archive
ON DISPLAY — Gordon Yeoman reflects on his time as Exhibition Curator
AN ECHO IN THE READER’S MIND — Marian Evans’s correspondence with her Scottish
publisher gives an insight into the complex relationships that created her alter ego, the literary great George Eliot.
SCOTLAND'S RADICAL WAR — Looking back on the 200th anniversary of the April 1820 uprising by impoverished handloom weavers.
SOUNDS HERITAGE — Saving the spoken word
ALLAN RAMSAY — Paving the way for Burns
THE DATA FOUNDRY — The Library’s open data platform for digital scholarship.

Part 1: http://www.nls.uk/media/1794344/discover-43-p1-21.pdf

Part 2: http://www.nls.uk/media/1794341/discover-43-p22-26.pdf

Part 3: http://www.nls.uk/media/1794338/discover-43-p27-36.pdf

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