19 March 2020

War Bride Bibliography

BIFHSGO has started a project on Canadian War Brides with an emphasis on those from the UK. Much has been written by and about them. The 32 books below are a start on compiling a list which is restricted to non-fiction. If you find errors or omissions please let me know.

War Bride Abbreviated Bibliography

Bardwell, Iris Dorothy. Different Times, Different Places: the Story of Iris Dorothy Bardwell, Nee Abraham: an English/Canadian War Bride. William T. Overy Writing Services, 2011.
Barrett, Barbara B., and Eileen Dicks. We Came from over the Sea: British War Brides in Newfoundland. British War Brides Association of Newfoundland and Labrador in Co-Operation with ESPress, 1996.
Bodrog, Jay. The War Brides of Perth County: a Brief History of the War Brides of the Second World War Who Emigrated from England and Holland, with Personal Recollections and Anecdotes. Perth County Historical Foundation, 2009.
Buick, Alan J. The Little Coat: the Bob and Sue Elliott Story. BookBaby, 2012.
Campbell, Olive Fisher. Shattered Dreams. General Store Pub. House, 2005.
Ellinor-Lyster, Eswyn. Most Excellent Citizens: Canada's War Brides of World War II: a History. Trafford Pub., 2009.
Faryon, Cynthia J. A War Bride's Story: Risking It All for Love after World War II. CNIB, 2007.
Galloway, Orpha E. Women of the War Years: Stories of Determination and Indomitable Courage. O.E. Galloway, 2000.
Grainger, Joan. The Toad in the Shoe: a War Bride's Memories. Joan Grainger, 2006.
Granfield, Linda. Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes: Stories from Canada's British War Brides. CNIB, 2003.
Jarratt, Melynda. Captured Hearts: New Brunswick's War Brides. Goose Lane Editions and the New Brunswick Military Heritage Project, 2008.
Jarratt, Melynda. War Brides: the Stories of the Women Who Left Everything Behind to Follow the Men They Loved. Dundurn, 2009.
Kasaboski, Tracy, and Kristen Den Hartog. The Occupied Garden: Recovering the Story of a Family in the War-Torn Netherlands. McClelland & Stewart, 2008.
Kozar, Judy. Canada's War Grooms and the Girls Who Stole Their Hearts. General Store Pub. House, 2007.
Ladouceur, Barbara, and Phyllis Spence. Blackouts to Bright Lights: Canadian War Bride Stories. Ronsdale Press, 2000.
Lambert, Barbara Ann. War Brides & Rosies: Powell River and Stillwater, B.C. Trafford Publishing, 2012.
Macaulay, Margaret, and Horace R. Macaulay. Surrey Girl: "Not Just Another War Bride". HRM Pub., 2006.
MacDonald, Eileen. Promise in the Void. Rebekah Allen, 2017.
McHardy Aimée. An Airman's Wife: a True Story of Lovers Separated by War. Grub Street, 2007.
O'Hara, Peggy. From Romance to Reality. CNIB, 2002.
Oliphant, Betty. Miss O: My Life in Dance. Turnstone Press, 1996.
Olson, Joan. Prairie Initiation: a War Bride Story. Benchmark Press, 2014.
Paterson, Doris J. Confessions of a War Bride. Trafford On Demand Pub, 2011.
Phibbs, Lilian Harper, and Murray Kenneth Phibbs. Memory Lane: a Love Story. Lilian Harper Phibbs, 2019.
Pringle, Sherry. Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Times: Canadian Women of World War II. Borealis Press, 2015.
Rains, Olga. We Became Canadians. The Author, "Overnight" Copy Service, 1984 (Peterborough, Ont.
Ramshaw, Betty. Oh Canada. B. Ramshaw, 2014.
Shewchuck, Helen Hall. If Kisses Were Roses: a 50th Anniversary Tribute to War Brides: Canada Remembers. Helen (Hall) Shewchuck, 1996.
Smith, Taylor. Deadly Grace. Mira, 2014.
Tosh, Beverley, and Laura Brandon. War Brides: One-Way Passage. Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, 2008.
Wicks, Ben. Promise You'll Take Care of My Daughter: the Remarkable War Brides of World War II. Stoddart, 1992.

Another important source is online material from Pier21 — https://pier21.ca/category/war-brides.

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