13 March 2020

Further Irish Records on Ancestry

Beyond the new titles mentioned last Sunday Ancestry now includes two additional databases well worth exploring for Irish ancestors:

Ireland, Encumbered Estates, 1850-1885
The Encumbered Estates' Court was established to facilitate the sale of Irish estates whose owners were unable to meet their obligations because of the Great Famine, regardless of whether the land was entailed. Included in these 494,616  records from The National Archives of Ireland are the names of the sellers, tenants names of "three lives" people establishing the term of a lease, even previous tenants of the land providing an invaluable resource, particularly as tenant farmers were often among the poorest in Irish society. This may be one of the rare record sets that include their details.

Ireland, Dog Licence Registrations, 1810-1926
This collection includes 7,358,408 records of dog licenses granted to owners across Ireland from 1810-1926. Within the records, you can find information about the residence of the owner, the court at which the license was issued and you can also find details of the breed, colour and sex of the dogs on the images.
This collection goes one up on the 7,358,407 records available on Findmypast.

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