05 March 2020

Will COVID-19 derail any genealogy meetings or conferences?

Twitter just told all its 5,000 workers to work from home because of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Microsoft and Facebook have cancelled major technology events.

The London and Paris Book Fairs are cancelled.

The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival is cancelled (did anyone tell the trees?)

So far I've heard of no genealogy events cancelled, but organizers are no doubt concerned to ensure they act appropriately. What will appropriately be?

The situation can change rapidly. Here's the history from the 1918 influenza pandemic in Ottawa.

A 25 September article in the Ottawa Journal reported on deaths in Niagara and Quebec and asked "Will Ottawa escape."  On the 30th at least three deaths from pneumonia which started as influenza where reported and Ottawa Mayor Fisher advised that active cases should be isolated. By 5 October the Ottawa Board of Health and Mayor were advising cancelling church services and meetings.


reflective thoughts by barbara said...

The CORVID-19 must play out. By keeping people away from people, it does stop transmissions.
I was part of the SARS quarantine at my hospital in 2003. 1800 workers were on a home to work to home quarantine. Patient 0 had come through our Emergency Department. Fear is the motivator. But good hygiene practices prevail today and always. History teaches us- this too shall pass!! We can not live in a bubble.

Anonymous said...

My 2020 two month + UK trip has almost been completely planned and much of it paid for.

However, knowing that I have had pneumonia at least 4 times, and since a kid, have always caught everything going around, I am seriously thinking about cancelling this trip. I hate to do that.

But cases in the UK are now appearing in the areas I will be visiting, and most of these are admittedly in County Record offices in different parts of the country. Such places are specialized, and would likely be some of the first places to close without much public protest. However, in admitting that I will probably get it, I would rather lose some cash and be thoroughly miserable privately at home than away. Cheers anyway, BT