17 March 2020

Closed Until Further Notice

That's the message in the present pandemic situation for all Galleries, Museums, Archives and Libraries. It applies to genealogical and family history societies, family history centres and the like.

Some may give a date they'd hope to reopen but given what we don't know about how the spread will respond to evolving countermeasures that's just speculation. Warmer weather may help.

Many/Most institutions still have web access and may be able to respond to enquiries online or by phone. "May be" are the operative words ... with kids out of school and daycare and people self-isolating staffing levels will be affected, depending on work-at-home arrangements.

In this time of stress on institutions accept that deadlines will slip.

David Rajotte, an archivist at LAC, has compiled a list of online courses, videos and podcasts related to archives. They are mainly for the professional archivist but some may be of interest to you. Find the list at:

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