09 March 2020

Legacy Family Tree Webinars

This week join 100s, likely well over 1000 fellow genealogists in meetings with absolutely no risk from COVID-19.

On Tuesday at 2 pm ET Janice M. Sellers will present Mining the Newspaper Databases on MyHeritage for Your Family History at the beginner level.
"Newspapers can provide information about births, deaths, marriages, moves, business, naturalizations, court cases, and more. MyHeritage provides access to several newspaper databases. This class provides an overview of what is available and techniques to help improve your chances of finding information about your relatives."

On Wednesday at 8 pm ET don't miss the intermediate to advanced level  presentation LucidChart and Other Tools for Genetic Genealogy by Blaine Bettinger
"In addition to company tools and traditional third-party tools, genetic genealogists find themselves adapting tools to help achieve their research goals. For example, LucidChart is a charting tool that allows genealogists to create dynamic family tree diagrams. We will examine this and other tools genetic genealogists can use in their daily research."

Thursday 12 March at 5 pm ET is the start of the 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon. There's plenty to choose from. If you don't find something of direct interest you're probably not a real genealogist.
The star presenters are: Andrea Bentschneider, Cari Taplin, CG, Craig R. Scott, MA, CG, FUGA, Cyndi Ingle, Daniel Horowitz, Dear MYRTLE, Devin Ashby, Diahan Southard, Dr. Bruce Durie, Helen V. Smith, John Boeren, Kathy Meade, Kelvin L. Meyers, Kirsty Gray, Marie Cappart, Mary Kircher Roddy, CG, Mike Mansfield, Ran Snir, Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL, Russ Worthington, Shahar Bitton, Thomas MacEntee.

Find information and register for these at https://familytreewebinars.com/webinar_details.php?webinar_id=1436

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