17 March 2020

The Antidote

... for boredom that is ...

Mike More posted on Facebook.

If you start getting bored at home, we are always looking for people to index the Family Histories in the OGS Provincial Library. And my Anti-Virus is up to date, so no chance of getting infected by one of our files. 

What I really need now is people to "proof" the books that include indexes. I run the index through Adobe Acrobat Pro to produce a MS Excel file. I will do a quick clean-up of the Excel file and hopefully, eliminate a lot of junk. However the Excel file still needs to be proofed:

1. Ensure names are in the correct columns

2. Ensure names are spelled correctly

3. Remove any superfluous data not already eliminated above.

Proofing indexes is time consuming, so we don't put page numbers on each entry. Researchers can look in the book's index.

If you are willing to help, contact me at toni@ogs.on.ca.

1 comment:

Mike More said...

Thanks, John. I've picked up a couple of volunteers from eh Facebook post.