11 March 2020

Who Do You Think You Are Magazine, April 2020

Before getting to the main content, each issue of WDYTYA? magazine includes a Star Letter. This time it's from Ottawa, from Deborah Vining, about her grandmother and grand-aunt who were born in Germany, moved to England and then to Canada under the auspices of Louisa Burt's Liverpool Sheltering Home. She writes "luckily she was taken in by a family who treated her as one of their own" — nor unusual — those who were maltreated were rather the exception than the rule?

In Money-Saving Tips Chris Paton reveals how you can research your family history on a budget, and picks the best free resources. Many are well known to the experienced British and Irish genealogist, a few are not. Chris' Top Tip is to subscribe to Peter Calver's Lost Cousins newsletter (Google it!)

Pre-WWI Photos has Catherine Troiano,  curator of the National Trust’s photography collections, sharing advice on dating early photographs.

It's tax season, as if I had to tell you, so Georgian Taxation explains how our forebears coped with, and avoided, taxes which became harsh in the aftermath of the American War of Independence and the Napoleonic period.

There's lots more in the regular sections like research advice, news and lists of events and guides forthcoming (UK) TV programmes (which we can't receive) and new books (which we can order).

It's all free through Press Reader, which you're probably tired of me mentioning, through online subscriptions via many Canadian public libraries.

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