21 March 2020

Vernon's Directories Project on Hiatus

The OGS/Ontario Ancestors eWeekly Update reports:

With Library and Archives Canada closed, and cross-border travel restrictions now in place, the joint project with LAC, Ontario Ancestors & FamilySearch to create digital copies of the Vernon's Directories is on hiatus while the FamilySearch team returns home. 

The work should be able to resume in due course.  To complicate things, Salt Lake City was hit with a 5.7 magnitude earthquake this week.  Our friends there report that all FamilySearch employees are safe and working from their homes.

We will keep you posted on this story.  In the meantime, you can read about the project on our website and link to the search page from there.  Our latest indication is that 754 directories are available online.

All the best to Sally Mansell (seated) and Diann Wells, the FamilySearch team members who have been at LAC since April last year processing and quality-assuring the scans of the directories.

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