16 March 2020

Early Trade and Residential Directories from TheGenealogist

TheGenealogist has released a collection of 24 Early Trade and Residential Directories that cover the years 1816-1839.

Over half are for London, the rest for England except one for Glasgow.

These early directories, now searchable by name for the period, mainly listed names of tradespeople and prominent citizens. Perhaps somewhat less than 10% of the population are included — by no means complete but an important resource pre-dating nominal censuses. In the release are:

Derby 1829 History, Gazetteer and Directory;
Devonshire 1830 Pigot's Directory;
Durham 1828 White's Directory;
Essex 1832-1833 Pigot's Directory;
Glasgow 1831-1832 Post Office Directory;
Lincolnshire 1826/7 Directory;
Liverpool 1816 Gore's Directory;

London 1816 Post Office Directory;
London 1819 Robson's Directory;
London 1822 Post Office Directory;
London and Provincial 1823-1824 New Commercial Pigot Directory;
London 1824 Post Office Directory;
London 1826 Post Office Directory;
London 1828 Robson's Commercial Directory;
London 1829 Robson's Trades Directory;
London 1831 Post Office Directory;
London 1833 Robson's Directory;
London 1836 Post Office Directory;
London 1837 Post Office Directory;
London 1839 Post Office Directory;

Norfolk 1830 Pigot's Directory;
Northumberland 1828 White's Directory;
Nottinghamshire 1832 White’s Directory;
Suffolk 1830 Pigot's Directory.

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