08 March 2020

Irish Records new on Ancestry

Ireland, Petty Session Court Registers, 1818-1926, 23,437,916 records
If an Irish ancestor was drunk or in a brawl in public he (or she) may turn up in this large collection from the National Archives of Ireland, in Dublin.

Details for each individual may include (where available): Name, Role in the case, Date of the hearing, Location of the court, Occupation, Offence. There are transcripts and images of the original.
The chart shows the annual number of cases climbed after the famine, despite the smaller population.

Ireland, Prison Registers, 1790-1924, 3,127,594 records
From the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin, these are records for establishments for pre and post-trial detention as well as for the imprisonment of those who could not afford to pay their debts. Gradual changes to the prison system in Ireland resulted in larger institutions, including four national convict prisons, 38 county prisons and 98 local jails. From 1850s, sentences of transportation were replaced with penal sentences and an emphasis was placed on reform.
Details for each individual in this collection may include (where available): Name, Residence, Place of birth, Occupation. Age, Offence, Sentence or discharge, or date and place of committal. There is further information in the linked images.
366 of the entries are for people who claimed birth in Canada.

Web: Belfast, Northern Ireland, Burial Indexes, 1869-2011, 356,475 records

This data is from the Belfast City Council. As a Web collection, it's available free on Ancestry- no subscription required.

Irish Emigrants in North America,1775-1825, 5,024 records
Taken from a consolidated reprint of two pamphlets by Mr. David Dobson that shed light on more than 1,100 Irish men and women and their families who emigrated to North America between roughly 1775 and 1825.

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