01 March 2020

Your Genealogy Today: March/April 2020

How We Started Our Family History Journey
George G. Morgan looks at some of the ways you can begin the search for your family history

The Power of People: Voices via Petitions, Part I
Diane L. Richard explores the resources for seeking out those documents that gave our ancestors a voice

Beyond Deeds and Land Grants
David A. Norris looks at non-deed property records that might help you turn up “new” bits of family history

What We Wish For: Coming to Terms with Our Ancestors
Sue Lisk paves the way for you to research your “difficult” ancestors

Fun and Games: Our Ancestors at Play
Sue Lisk shows how to find what your ancestors did for fun when they were young. Childhood memories tend to be strong. And play, regardless of the form it takes, usually encompasses joy. Explore these memories with relatives, and celebrate them. The stories that emerge may be among your favorites.

I’m Not the Person I Thought I Was
Louise Butler discovers a family history almost lost

Don’t Forget the Four-Footed Family!
Robbie Gorr looks at the importance of pets in our ancestors’ lives. Gathering and recording information you will enrich the family history narrative to include the live you and your ancestors shared with their pets.

Jeremiah Crabb: Black Soldier At Fort George Wright
Donna Potter Phillips studies the puzzling life and death of Jeremiah E. Crabb

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard looks at what to do when matches don’t initially reveal much information — a simple three-step process to learn more about a mystery match.

Missionaries in Our Past
Ed Storey looks at records for researching English missionaries in 19th century India

The Back Page
Dave Obee suggests visiting more than the cemetery when traveling to the places where your ancestors lived — tread in their footsteps.

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