29 October 2013

Ancestry launches the 1921 indexed census of Canada

The 1921 indexed census of Canada is now available.
There were 8,788,483 people in the census, no reports yet on how many will be accurately indexed.
The indexed fields are: name, gender, marital status, age, birth year, birth place, relationship to head of household, father's birthplace, mother's birthplace.
The indexing has been done without any public money, tax derived or additional burden on Canada's national debt which continues to grow, having been spent for the indexing.

A few people I looked up were correctly identified; one I expected to find wasn't but he may have been out of the country.
I found a couple of instances where a domestic servant is identified as a daughter with both the real and head of household's last name  given.


Ann Burns said...

Thanks for this post - I've now found both of my parents' families addresses in 1921. I have some doubts as to the abilities of the census takers as my uncle was identified as a daughter - because his name was spelled Rae instead of Ray(mond). Also, you cannot add the census as a source to an existing person in your tree. It's an ancestry error or omission at this point in time. I wonder when that will be addressed.

Anonymous said...

The indexing can be quite poor, but I have found most of the people I've been seeking. I had to correct my father's entry and the rest of his family, as the surname was not even close to correct; fortunately he had an unusual first name. I have not yet found my husband's father in Montreal, even though I've searched on the first name and year of birth of all family members. I suppose they may have been visiting relatives in the US, but more likely they are mis-indexed.

Unknown said...

On Tuesday morning I too was unable to attach the census to my Ancestry tree but they seem to have fixed it as it worked Tuesday evening.

Cathern said...

Can anyone tell me how or where to find a breakdown of the Montreal wards/sub-wards. I pretty well know where ancestors lived but it is difficult to pin point them in the large wards...PLUS between the hand writing and the errors in indexing I am getting very frustrated with the whole task.

Anonymous said...

@Cathern: City Directories are helpful. Look-up your ancestory by name, then once you know what street they lived on, check the Street Index which gives you the name of the ward.
Link to Montreal city dirs: http://bibnum2.banq.qc.ca/bna/lovell/