04 October 2013

Genealogical motivation

I spent part of Thursday helping a friend with PowerPoint as she prepares for a short presentation. She has been motivated to delve into aspects of a WW1 family member she would likely not have done so intensely if not for the presentation commitment.

Ottawa genealogist Elizabeth Kipp wrote on her blog:

"Recently I gave a talk on the Blake one name study at a Conference and in preparing for the talk I realized that I could see my legacy to the Blake study quite clearly. Ultimately, I plan to transcribe all the Blake wills that I can locate and thus far I have nearly 2000 Blake wills. Once completed I intend to put them into an *.pdf file and upload them to Archive.org. Only the transcription and discussion will be uploaded as there is and will be crown copyright on the will images for ever."
These are just two examples of how volunteering to make a presentation can provide the extra motivation which likely will lead to advancing your genealogy.

If you think you can't do something that you see others doing remember the power of motivation. Zig Ziglar had a story All It Takes is a Little Motivation that drives the message home.

Take the many opportunities available. BIFHSGO members have several; short Great Moments in Genealogy talks, before-BIFHSGO educational presentations, plus full presentations at monthly meetings and the annual September conference.

I hope to see you at the podium.

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Jane MacNamara said...

I heartily agree, John. There's nothing like needing to explain a concept or process or story to others--in a presentation, class, newsletter article, or blog post--to help you truly understand it yourself. There was a reason they made us do these things in school!