14 October 2013

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections

There didn't seem to be any appetite for changing the name of this blog to Anglo-Canadian Connections as I broached a few days ago. Almost everyone who responded was happy with the original name. But I did still want to get my adopted country in their somewhere, so I put it up-front. Anglo-Celtic Connections is now Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections.
The masthead is changed. Everything else, including the web address remains the same and I'll probably continue to refer to it by the original title. You'll not need to do anything differently to continue to receive posts, either through a daily email or RSS. Or you can always visit directly at www.anglo-celtic-connections.blogspot.ca where the.ca domain shows the Canadian affiliation. The .com, .co.uk and .com.au addresses continue to work.


Skocan said...

Well that works fine for me. I think this is as good a time as any to also thank you for keeping us informed and up to date.
Thank you John

Anonymous said...

Not only a big Thank You for your blog but for all that it contains as general enrichment for the viewer's experience!

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections Blog Fan said...

Im in agreement with both comments. And what better time to express our gratitude, Thanksgiving weekend. Nice to say thank you to the people who make a difference in our life! This one is for you John, thank you!