07 October 2013

DNA testing in Canada

Family Tree DNA and 23andMe are the two DNA testing companies with which I'm most familiar. FTDNA provides a comprehensive service for genetic genealogy. 23andMe offers ancestry services as a supplement to it's health service. Importantly, both keep a database allowing DNA comparison with their other clients, subject to client permission.
There are several other DNA testing companies that do not provide a database service, offering non-genealogical services.
One such Canadian company is Thunder Bay based Orchid Pro DNA. The lab was mentioned in a CBC news item on Sunday as that contracted by the Quebec coroner’s office to help identify the last remaining victims of the July 6 disaster at Lac-Mégantic. According to the report Amarjit Chahal, the lab director, said they will use mitochondrial DNA, and his lab is the only one in Canada that does such a test. Two other DNA labs, in New York and Bosnia, are also working on the Lac-Mégantic file.
Thunder Bay is also the home of Lakehead University's Paleo-DNA Laboratory 
Last year the university received a grant to establish an mtDNA database to support forensic testing.
It's good to see spin-offs from university science such as Orchid PRO DNA and the previously mentioned DNA Memorial.

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Anonymous said...

The Children's Hospital here in Ottawa has a DNA lab. Since at least the year 2000, London Health Sciences Center(London, Ontario) has done family DNA genetic disease testing(at doctor's request) They adhere to privacy constraints but can connect people who have a rare disease but are from different families. Their tests can prove or disprove that a person has inherited a mutation which could POSSIBLY cause a disease.