27 October 2013

OGS Toronto Branch October meeting

The regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the OGS Toronto Branch on 28 October 2013 is entitled What Really Happened? A Genetic Genealogy Success Story, and presented by Elizabeth A. R. Kaegi and James F. S. Thomson

"Using several traditional genealogical techniques in conjunction with new genetic genealogy tests, Elizabeth and James have been able to solve a six decade old mystery, and have the findings conclusively confirmed.
The drama and its resolution ranged across seven countries, and finding the answers consumed many hours especially in the last five years. The end result was very satisfying and Elizabeth acquired seven close family members including two very new ones!"
There's also a mini-presentation: Beth Bow The best Betts house.

The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. in the Burgundy Room, North York Memorial Hall, Concourse Level, North York Centre (North York Centre Subway Station).

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