10 October 2013

Deceasedonline.com upgrade

On Wednesday Deceased Online changed the way documents are priced and how you pay for them. We are told effective prices have not changed, but that isn't what I'd call an upgrade.

What is improved is that you can now search, in advanced searching, on a cemetery or crematorium within a county or borough, as an alternative to burial or cremation authority.
There is now a coverage link in the top menu, to make it easier to see which parts of the UK are currently included in the  database.

So far this year the company has added over 1.5 million names from 10 different collections.
Although no additions were made through the summer, since July 26, we are promised:

  • 2 million digitised burial and cremation records from 20 UK authorities and The National Archives.
  • A further 4 million records currently in the process of being digitised from 17 more burial and cremation authorities.
  • The promise of up to 14 million more records as advanced talks with a further 100 authorities come to agreement.

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